I am June. I fell in love with Valencia your day I visited this city for the very first time and I have called it house since 2010.

I hope my applying for grants local foodstuff and my travel tips will enable you to find the genuine Valencia, its true soul…




With so many local assumes coffee in Spain the quantity of this addictive drink’s names in Spanish regions could be overwhelming. Use this guide to learn how to order your espresso in Valencia… And enjoy ordering all of the coffee types just like a pro! 

This coffee guide was at first posted on January 18th, 2018 and updated on April 18th, 2018. 

Café Cortado - Only A Touch Of Milk

Café cortado is a go of espresso with a brief dash of milk. An extremely little difference in color from café solo.

Extremely popular among locals on Valencia.

A café solo or café cortado are the most typical digestive endings of lunch in Spain. 

Café Solo – A Typical Morning Coffee

A go of espresso - café solo.

Valencians (and Spaniards generally) usually start their time with café solo. It really is just a shot of a black coffee (espresso).

Café solo is served in a tiny espresso cup. If you want extra caffeine to retain exploring Valencia, buy a double part: un café solo doble por favor! 

Café Con Leche - Not really a Cappuccino! 

Café con leche - a delightful Spanish coffee with milk foam.
If you value cappuccino, here is the closest version you'll get in most bars in Spain.

If you go out and order a cappuccino, everything you could easily get is a whipped cream from a dispenser together with your espresso - not ideal!

So for many who like a milk foam, there is café con leche. Your server will usually take the time to warm up the milk before adding it to your café.